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Racing’s 20 to 1: remembering 2011 and looking to 2012

December 27, 2011

Lists are common around this time of year as we celebrate the end of one year and look forward to the next, but there aren’t many racing associated lists!

Therefore, I’ll be releasing a series of lists over the next few days!

Today, I will be giving my thoughts on the 20 best horses of 2011 – this only covers those who have raced in Australia though, so all you Frankel fans out there, I’m sorry, he’s not there.

Tomorrow, it will be the 20 racing moments of 2011 – similar to today’s list, but there are a couple of moments which deserve a mention. It will focus more on the races themselves, rather than the individual horses.

On Thursday, it will be a look ahead to 2012 as I give my 20 horses to watch in the next year, while on Friday, I will give 20 predictions for 2012!

Hopefully, you find these lists as compelling as I do – they’ve been incredibly entertaining to compile!

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